1. And now, an infographic dedicated to everybody’s favorite Texan cannibalistic wielder of pointy and hurty implements… Leatherface.

    The design and illustrations were me, and the text by Jimm McShane. Check out his blog, and admire his love of all things goopy and horrifying committed to film!


    All of this courtesy of my masters at HalloweenCostumes.com!


    Note: There was a bit of dispute over the kill count; Leatherface fatally wounds a few people but doesn’t outright kill them. Also, some people die in alternate cuts of a film. It’s implied but not shown that some characters died. So just to nip that issue, we have the numbers as they are.

  2. Trying Spider-Gwen again. A little more satisfied with this one.

  3. White Pointer

  4. Hey. So I collaborated on this infographic with Kate Willaert.

    Hope you like it. 

    The uncut full-length list can be found here:


    More of Kate Willaert’s work can be found here:


    UPDATE: Through the power of your collective disappointment, I was inspired to draw a quick IDW style turtle! I hope this is satisfactory, and if not, well… it was really fun to draw. Thank you all for your support by the way!

  5. Lamb of God illustration for a shirt.

  7. The Admiral

  8. Physician of the Wilderness II

  9. Physician of the Wilderness

  10. Ellen